Southern Brown Tree Frog Litoria ewingii
Crimson Mallee - Gawler Ranges National Park
Pygmy Desert Monitor Varanus eremius
Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby Petrogale xanthopus


The Nature Conservation Society of South Australia is a voluntary body with members drawn from all parts of the State and all walks of life. The Society's primary objective is to foster the conservation of the State's wildlife and natural habitats. Our activities include:

  • protecting and managing habitats, particularly native vegetation
  • researching threatened species and habitats
  • working to ensure adequate park dedication, management and legislation
  • educating the community and all tiers of government
  • co-operating with other conservation groups and land managers

The Society is also active in public education through activities such as Sunday Walks with Nature program, general meetings and its journal Xanthopus.



Bushfires Royal Commission
In light of the catastrophic 2019/20 fire season, NCSSA calls for increasing the Commonwealth's role in facilitating co-ordination of, and delivering supporting funding to,...
EPBC Act Review
epbc-act-review NCSSA calls for stronger national environmental laws that truly protect and restore Australia's natural environment. Particularly, NCSSA seeks national protection for our parks and...
Planning Reform – Renewable energy
South Australia’s transition to renewable energy is resulting in unacceptable clearance of our native vegetation - solar farms account for 40% of the area...