Volunteer Required! - Standard Plant Life Forms

CaptureDo you have an interest in the Flora of SA? The Bushland Condition Monitoring program needs someone to help compile a table of 'standard life forms' for all the species in the Flora of SA for its database of vegetation condition. Many of the well known species and families will be quite straightforward, but some will require a bit of research through the hard-copy Flora of South Australia or other plant identification books. The basic life form categories will be: 1. Tree 2. Shrub 3. Mat Plant 4. Herb 5. Grass 6. Sedge 7. Vine/ Climber 8. Mistletoe 9. Fern.

This will assist us to produce vegetation condition site reports with species automatically listed by life-form rather than simply alphabetically, which can currently be hard to interpret if you are not familiar with all the species names concerned.

Person Requirements:   

  • Love of plants and botanical research
  • Attention to detail
  • Excel and Internet research skills

Contact Peter Mahoney on 71274630 or drop into the office at 5 Milner St Hindmarsh.