Our newsletter Xanthopus is produced and sent to our members quarterly. It contains information about our current projects and activities and includes an update from both our President and Conservation Ecologist.

The Nature Conservation Society of SA has produced a newsletter since 1963. The title 'Xanthopus' was adopted in 1983 to reflect the species name of the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby (Petrogale xanthopus xanthopus) that appears in our logo. The Winter 2014 issue was the first in a new electronic format of the newsletter. We hope that you will find it interesting, relevant and easy to read. 

Xanthopus Winter-Spring 2017

xanthopus winterspring2017In this issue:

  • In the Chair
  • Conservation Ecologist’s Report
  • Introducing our new Nature Advocate
  • Projects Update
  • Feature: Mount Burr Swamp Update
  • Creature Feature: Malleefowl

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Xanthopus Autumn 2017

xanthopus autumn2017In this issue:

  • In the Chair -
  • Conservation Ecologist’s Report -
  • Projects Update -
  • Feature "Management and Monitoring: monitoring of enclosures at Big Flat Conservation Zone and Little Mt Crawford Native Forest Reserve" -
  • Creature Feature "Australian Sandalwood"

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