Conservation Biology Grant

This NCSSA funded and administered grant was initiated by us in 2003. Each year we offer honours and post-graduate students the opportunity to apply for grant funding of up to $2000 to support their research into aspects of conservation biology.

Funds are available for research which is aimed at: improving understanding of the conservation status of species or ecological communities; providing recommendations for improvement of some aspect of biodiversity conservation; understanding the ecology of species or communities; and understanding threats to biodiversity and management of those threats.


2018 Conservation Biology Grant Winners

Pair of Emydura macquarii - WarrawongAt our General Meeting on May 10th we announced the successful 2018 Conservation Biology

Grant recipients.

They are:

  • Claudia Santori (PhD, The University of Sydney), $2,000 for research on Influence of captivity on habitat choice of head-started juvenile Murray River Turtles (Emydura macquarii).
  • Briony Chamberlayne (PhD, The University of Adelaide), $1,510 for research into establishing ecologiocal baselines through bivalve geochemistry.

We wish our 2018 grant recipients the best of luck with their studies, and we look forward to sharing the fruits of their hard labour with you in future editions of Xanthopus