Stop Bushland Weeds. A guide to successful weeding in South Australia's bushland (2nd edition, 2005) (Code: )

Stop Bushland Weeds. A guide to successful weeding in South Australia's bushland (2nd edition, 2005)
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A totally new revised and improved edition of the popular book Stop Bushland Weeds A guide to successful weeding in South Australia bushland is now available.

The book explains how landholders, natural resource managers, Friends of Parks and volunteers can work to get habitat back into healthy condition by controlling environmental weeds.

It is an essential resource for everyone involved in managing our native vegetation.

The new edition is indispensable for all people with some bushland to manage because:

  •     It includes information on over 20 new environmental weeds,
  •     Over 100 bushland weeds/weeds of the bush are described and illustrated,
  •     Bulbs, grasses, climbers, scramblers, thistles and shrubs are all covered,
  •     There is more emphasis on grassy weeds,
  •     Information is provided on "native invaders from other states,
  •     It explains how weeds threaten bushland,
  •     It sets out how best to plan weed control,
  •     It includes techniques for removing weeds without damaging the bush, and
  •     It includes new best practice methods of controlling weeds.

Make haste slowly in bush management work is a strong theme in this book:

Environmental weed control needs to be undertaken at a rate that will let the bush recover and take over the space that was filled with weeds. Sometimes this is quite slow but the end result will be worth it. While it is tempting to try to maximise your efforts by starting right 'in the thick of it', scattered infestations and small patches should usually be managed first.

It is important that the larger infestations are kept under control while reducing them in an area by working along the "weed front", where the weeds meet the bush.

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