Act for Nature

A New Era for Biodiversity Conservation in South Australia

The Urgent Need for a Biodiversity Act

Our planet is experiencing an alarming decline in biodiversity, exacerbated by the far-reaching impacts of climate change. South Australia, with its unique ecosystems and diverse wildlife, is not immune to this crisis. In 2022, the Malinauskas Labor Government committed to addressing this issue head-on by introducing a Biodiversity Act that aims to integrate conservation outcomes into sustainable living and long-term prosperity.

A Bold Vision for South Australia’s Future

Imagine a South Australia where our precious ecosystems thrive, where endangered species are protected, and where sustainable living harmonizes with nature. This vision is within reach, but we need your support to turn it into reality.

A Comprehensive Solution: The Biodiversity Act

We believe the proposed Biodiversity Act should be a groundbreaking legislative framework, amalgamating the goals of existing environmental acts to prioritize biodiversity protection. By placing conservation at the center of these laws, we ensure a more sustainable future for our state.

The Unbreakable Link between Biodiversity and Climate Change

Biodiversity loss and climate change are intimately intertwined. The Anthropocene era, characterized by human activity as the dominant environmental influence, necessitates a holistic approach to address these pressing challenges. A Biodiversity Act that we could support would embrace the principles of adaptive management to respond effectively to the dynamic impacts of climate change.

Your Voice Matters

As citizens and nature lovers, your voice carries immense power. Join the Nature Conservation Society of South Australia in advocating for a strong and science-based Biodiversity Act.

Act Now, Act Together

Let’s unite and be the change South Australia needs. Together, we can urge the government and policy makers to prioritize biodiversity conservation and climate action. Sign our petition and play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future for our beautiful state.

“The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.” – Richard Rogers