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What's in the Bushland Condition Monitoring Manual for your region?

volume_1There are three main parts to the manual for each region: Volume 1: Field Guide to Bushland Monitoring is designed to help the user to objectively score ten different indicators of bushland condition. With the aid of scoresheets that contain interpretive diagrams and text, you can monitor dynamic attributes of bushland such as plant species diversity, abundance of weeds, regeneration, tree health, and plant structural diversity. 
Volume 2: Understanding your Bushland Condition Indicators contains in-depth information about each of these vegetation attributes and how it relates to condition. It also makes links to the type of management actions that are associated with various scores on each indicator. Links to appropriate regional and statewide resources are also included, e.g. special interest groups, local NRM contacts.
Packed with information about the flora and fauna of each region, Volume 3: Vegetation Communities of the region helps everyone to learn more about the specific types of vegetation and gives the reader access to in-depth local information – an invaluable regional resource.  Each plant community is described in detail with a summary of its characteristic features including its preferred topography and soil types, where it is found within the region, pertinent ecological information and annotated lists of native plant and weed species commonly found within it.