Conservation Biology Grants

NCS, in partnership with the Biology Society of South Australia, are pleased to announce the successful Conservation Biology Grant recipients for 2022 


  • Saskia Gerhardy, ‘Using remote bio-acoustic recorders to detect Plains-wanderers (Pedionomus torquatus) in the semi-arid rangeland, South Australia’ – University of Adelaide. 
  • Lachlan McLeod, ‘Co-restoration of seagrasses and oyster reefs in South Australia’ – University of Adelaide.  
  • Tessa Paris Manning, ‘Red-tailed phascogale reintroduction to South Australia: History, Diet, Habitat Use and Genetics’ – University of Adelaide. 

The 2022 Conservation Biology Grant round is now closed. 

Funding for the 2023-24 grant round will be available in April 2023 – applications currently not available

Since 2003, we have provided critical seed funding to early career researchers. These Conservation Biology grants are a partnership between the NCS and the Biology Society of South Australia. Students can apply for up to $3,300.  

The grants support research that will: 

  • Improve understanding of the conservation status of species or ecological communities, 
  • Provide recommendations for improvement of some aspect of biodiversity conservation, 
  • Prove information on the ecology of species or communities, 
  • Identify threats to biodiversity and management of those threats. 

    The Conservation Biology grants awarded over the last two years include:  

    • ‘Poison prey – reducing the impacts of feral mesopredators on native Australian fauna’ – Ned Levi Ryan-Schofield 
    • ‘Assessing population genetic structure and diversity of octopuses through conservation genetics’ – Qian Hui Qiaz Hua 
    • ‘A win-wine situation: do native bats eat arthropod pests of South Australian vineyards?’ Natalie Brown 
    • ‘Fish communities associated with biogenic reefs constructed by the tubeworm polychaete, Ficopomatus enigmaticus in the Coorong estuary, South Australia.’ Laura Schroder 
    • ‘The biodiversity and systematics of the wasp genus Apanteles, a megadiverse group of caterpillar parasitoids: baseline taxonomy to inform conservation priorities.’ – Mollie Slater-Baker 
    • ‘Increasing the drought tolerance of kangaroo grass (Themeda triandra) via targeted inoculations of arid and mesic soil microbiota’- Riley Hodgson