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Volunteers are the backbone of the Nature Conservation Society; without our volunteer support we could not operate. Volunteering provides numerous benefits such as; meeting like minded people, learning new skills in conservation and environmental management, gaining valuable work experience, working with knowledgeable and passionate environmentalists, and contributing to the conservation of South Australia’s wildlife and habitats.

We have volunteer opportunities available at different times throughout the year.  No matter what skills or experience you have, there could be an opportunity suitable for you! If you are interested in volunteering with us please fill out the registration form here.

Examples of our volunteering opportunities

We have previously provided a range of volunteer opportunities that include:

  • Developing content, graphic design and editing
  • Conducting bird surveys in the Mount Lofty Ranges
  • Surveying vegetation for our Bushland Condition Monitoring project
  • Assisting with post-fire recovery of Kangaroo Islands threatened flora
  • Event and field coordination
  • Administration tasks
  • Research, data entry and analysis.

South Australian Bird Surveys

The NCS currently conducts bird surveys at key sites in the Mount Lofty Ranges. Whether you are an experienced bird observer or wanting to learn more about bird identification, volunteers can assist with the surveys in many ways. Bird surveys are usually conducted in the early morning and depending on the location and travel distances can involve a commitment of anywhere from half a day to a week. This is a great opportunity to learn bird identification skills and survey techniques and experience field work in a variety of habitats across South Australia!

Bushland Condition Monitoring

The NCS  conducts Bushland Condition Monitoring (BCM) surveys at a large number of sites across the state including the Mount Lofty Ranges, Northern and Yorke, Murraylands and Eyre Peninsula regions. These surveys provide volunteers an opportunity to learn plant identification skills and survey techniques and assist in building knowledge of the condition of bushland across the state. Depending on the location and travel distances the surveys can involve a commitment of anywhere from a full day to a week.

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