It’s Crunch Time
To Save Whalers Way!

Use this page to write to Nick Champion MP about the private, experimental rocket launching facility proposed inside the environmentally sensitive conservation area at Whalers Way.

It’s crunch time!

The decision is currently sitting with the State Planning Minister, Nick Champion, who could put an end to this saga – that started under the previous government – with a stroke of his pen.

Now is the time to act – the company has said it wants approval in time to make launch attempts in the second half of this year, just a couple of short months away.

It is the wrong placethe increased risk of fire in a warming climate, the impact on tourism by closing one of the Eyre Peninsula’s incredible drawcards, and the complete disregard for the endangered wildlife such as the Southern Emu-Wren (Eyre Peninsula) that calls Whalers Way home.

Maybe you’ve already sent a letter or signed a petition – and thank you for doing so – but it’s time for one last big push to PUT SPACE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

Independent analysis is needed to find the most appropriate place for this proposed facility – write now to ask Nick Champion to refuse this clearly inappropriate proposal.