Speak up for the

Southern Emu-wren &

Save Whalers Way!

Write to Key Decision Makers to ask to protect the habitat of the precious Southern Emu-wren (Eyre Peninsula). 

This tiny, timid bird is threatened by a plan to build a permanent, experimental rocket launching facility right on top of precious habitat. 

The risk is real – right now, SA Planning Minister Nick Champion is deciding whether or not to allow this proposal to proceed.

The damage from the proposal for a permanent launching facility will be so significant that it also requires the approval of Tanya Plibersek, Federal Environment Minister, and Susan Close, the State Environment Minister.

At the same time, a recent review of the conservation status has revealed that the Southern Emu-wren is even closer to extinction than previously thought. Right now, there is advice from the independent Threatened Species Scientific Committee on Minister Plibersek’s desk advising it should be moved up to a higher category of threat.  

Moving animals between categories of threat is rare and only happens if their situation is changing. 

The deterioration for the Southern Emu-wren’s status is being recognised before the permanent rocket launching facility has been approved, a development that would destroy habitat and cause ongoing disturbance of birds from launch noise, as well as increasing the risk of bushfire. 

The Albanese Labor Government committed to Saving Our Native Species and to strengthening our national environmental laws. 

Ask Labor to protect this tiny, timid bird by refusing the proposal for a permanent launching facility at this site – write your letter NOW.