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Speaking & acting for nature in SA


NCS advocates for nature conservation with a focus on protecting native species, habitats, and unique ecological communities – particularly those that are threatened.  

We use evidence and science to identify and promote management interventions that will improve the condition of South Australia’s natural environments. 

We work with all levels of government to ensure that laws and policies to protect nature on public and private land are strong. We speak up for nature and want to empower our members and supporters to do so too.

We have a proud record of achievements where we’ve used our influence to protect nature.


We run short-term and long-term research and monitoring projects that inform us about the state of species and ecosystems in South Australia. 

Current programs include monitoring bird populations in the Mt Lofty Ranges, recovery of rare and endemic plants on Kangaroo Island following the 2020 bushfires, monitoring of bushland health in various regions, and evaluating the ecological, socio-economic and wellbeing impacts of promoting conservation on private land. 

Our work informs decision-making, on-ground work, management interventions, and fire planning.


Nature is essential to our wellbeing and for healthy communities. We want to help South Australians feel connected to each other and to the natural world, by building a community around nature and conservation.  

We engage people in nature by providing volunteering opportunities, workshops, and are proud supporters of the opportunities to celebrate nature through the annual Nature Festival.


NCS is a small organisation with a broad vision. We maximise our effectiveness by collaborating with like-minded organisations, groups and individuals, on the conservation issues we think are most important. 

We influence conservation outcomes at a landscape scale through our membership of the South Australian Nature Alliance, the Places You Love Alliance, the Conservation Council of SA, and the National Parks Australia Council. 

Locally, we highly value our partnerships with other NGOs to deliver on-ground works and engagement with communities. We are committed to working towards greater collaboration with First Nations peoples in our conservation work and learning about their experience caring for land. 

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