Who is the NCS

Speaking & acting for nature in SA

Our Mission

To inspire all South Australians to value and protect the native species, ecosystems and landscapes of our State.

Who we are

Over six decades we have established ourselves as one of South Australia’s leading not-for-profit conservation organisations.  

We bring together professional scientists and volunteers who are passionate about speaking and acting for nature conservation in our State.  

Our work to conserve native species and habitats within our landscapes focuses on strong partnerships and collaborations and centres on three main areas: 

Our research informs us about the current health of native species and habitats in our constantly changing world and detects changing trends over time. 

This helps us to decide where to focus our advocacy and program work, to make sure that nature is appropriately protected, managed and restored. 

We deliver high-priority grants that direct evidence-based work on the ground. We work with landholders, partner organisations and volunteers to make sure the grants are used for effective conservation outcomes.  

We work with all levels of government to ensure that laws and policies to protect nature on public and private land are strong. 

Through our work with volunteers and the wider community, we foster a community of nature-lovers who feel connected with each other and with the natural world.   

Our History

Since our beginning, we have been committed to science-based nature conservation. We have conducted hundreds of biological surveys across the State and have used that data to identify priority areas for protection and call for the effective management of native habitat on public and private land.  

NCS was founded around a kitchen table in the western suburbs of Adelaide in 1962, to seek protection for what would become the Deep Creek Conservation Park. 

Concern was growing in the community about the huge areas of native vegetation that were being cleared in the development boom that followed World War II. There were no laws at that time to stop it.  

In our early days, one of our main aims was to establish an extensive network of parks to protect native habitats from being cleared. Our early work helped to set up around one third of the parks, reserves and protected areas that we enjoy in South Australia today. 

From the 1970s onwards, we realised that we could further protect the State’s flora and fauna by advocating for laws that would protect them. We helped establish or amend key legislation, including the National Parks & Wildlife Act 1972, the Planning Act 1982, the Native Vegetation Management Act 1985 and the subsequent Native Vegetation Act 1990. 

We have been a consistent voice calling for effective management of wildlife & natural environments in South Australia.

Nature Conservation Society of South Australia
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