The Bandicoot Superhighway Project

Communities working together to protect and connect bandicoot populations

The Bandicoot Superhighway Project is a new community-led project that aims to save the endangered Southern Brown Bandicoot from extinction by creating a “highway” of interconnected and suitable habitat. 

The Bandicoots are ground dwelling marsupials and the only remaining species from the Bandicoot and Bilby family in the Mount Lofty Ranges. As an “ecosystem engineer”, Bandicoots are beneficial to the health of our landscapes as they turnover soil while searching for food, and this improves soil health and encourages native plant seeds to germinate.  

We are delivering components of the Bandicoot Superhighway Project, along with our six project partners. The project is a 2-year pilot, and we are using the evidence we have now to implement recovery and interventions that will benefit Bandicoots. We are also addressing knowledge gaps through our ongoing monitoring and evaluation work and the activation of citizen scientists click here. We value sharing and communicating results and will be providing regular newsletter updates.

The outcomes from our project will also benefit a full range of native plants and animals across the regions and increase community’s connectedness to nature as we provide many opportunities for people to be involved. We welcome participation from landholders, schools, community, businesses and local groups. To register interest in this project visit the form below;

Bandicoot Habitat Management Guidelines

The guidelines provide information about Southern Brown Bandicoots and their habitat requirements.
They intend to guide landholders and the community on best practice land management to improve habitat value
for bandicoots, in the Mount Lofty Ranges region. These guidelines were produced by the Nature Conservation
Society of South Australia, with input from project partners, on behalf of the Bandicoot Superhighway Project November 2023. Green Adelaide generously funded the printing of these guidelines.

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